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Gurufi was founded in 2008 by a group of Yale University entrepreneurs to help applicants improve their admissions writing by connecting them with expert editors. In 2018, Gurufi joined FourthWrite, an admissions writing consultancy based in Portland, Oregon that helps clients produce highly effective admissions essays and prepare for the expectations of American higher education. Under the FourthWrite umbrella, Gurufi continues to provide the same excellent service while giving its clients access to the more comprehensive and longitudinal services that FourthWrite offers.


We provide writing support rooted in our experience producing high-quality writing at some of the most well-regarded universities in the world. Our technical proficiency is complimented by our attention to the needs of clients who are navigating admissions processes that are often daunting and stressful.


We support our clients in effectively using writing as a form of personal expression. Ethically, that means we strive to bring out the best voice from each writer we work with, and never ghostwrite or plagiarize.

Gurufi Team

Brian Fobi

Brian Fobi co-founded Gurufi in order to provide clients with admissions assistance that is ethical, true to clients voices, and highly effective. Brian brings 11 years of experience working in the admissions industry. In this time, working both for a university and as an independent consultant, he has developed a nuanced understanding of the admissions process and, by extension, how applicants can best position themselves. He has helped more than 7,000 clients navigate the admissions process, and along the way has recorded a satisfaction rate of over 99%. The reason is simple: he strives to maintain clients’ voices, remain true to their experiences, and reflect their life in the most positive manner possible. Brian has taught writing at Duke, Yale, and Harvard, and has extensive background working with clients of all skill levels, including non-native English speakers.


  • Washington & Lee University:
    B.A. in History
  • Yale University:
    Ph.D. in History
    Master's in History
  • University of Michigan Law School:
    Juris Doctorate

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