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Gurufi Overview

What is Gurufi?

Gurufi is a community created to help students and parents connect with capable and eager editors or reviewers from the World's Top 20 universities.

How do you pronounce Gurufi and what does it mean?

We pronounce Guru-fi as in 'fahy' or in GURU FInder to describe a site that lets people find the perfect guru for them.

How does Gurufi benefit students?

Gurufi offers a unique opportunity to receive professional assistance from among the most intelligent and academically accomplished editors, reviewers, and educators in the world. By selecting our editors or reviewers from only the most demanding Top 20 global institutions, we can provide students with the kind of knowledge, experience and expertise that will give them an important advantage when crafting an effective and powerful admissions essay. By taking advantage of any or all of services, you will find that Gurufi makes your educational experience more manageable, more interesting and, ultimately more fulfilling.

What does Gurufi offer parents?

With the proliferation of private services and increasing numbers of international students who gain admission into elite American universities, the competition to get into the best schools has gotten considerably more intimidating. At a time when career success depends more and more on one's ability to excel academically, as a parent, this can be quite intimidating. But we at Gurufi have an answer for you. By giving you access to the brightest and most effective editors in the world, you can give your child a real competitive advantage in the race for academic success. Moreover, you can rest assured that with our editor review system you can find out about the credentials of potential editors as well as how other parents and students have rated them. Our unique "Safe Gurufi Escrow" gives you the peace of mind that your funds are released to the editors after you have had time to evaluate their work. We take student safety seriously and therefore have a strict code of conduct that editors must follow to maintain the privilege to stay on the site. All of these features ensure that your student receives the most effective and professional experience possible from the most qualified editors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the alpha in Gurufi alpha?

Alpha means that Gurufi's platform focuses on editors. In the beta version, Gurufi aims to establish a broader platform for educators. For now, Gurufi in the alpha period will solely focus on editors to make ensure that editors and clients interactions are perfected before unveiling the Gurufi beta platform which is decidedly more sophisticated.

Isn't hiring an essay editor cheating?

At Gurufi, we believe that there is a significant educational merit in receiving individualized writing help from a professional. Similarly, we believe that an editor or reviewer is meant to reshape and polish a piece while preserving as much of the original as possible. In fact, an editor is encouraged to deny orders that would be considered "ghostwriting" if completed and subsequently submitted in the client's name, on the grounds that such actions are unethical. Any further concerns regarding this subject should be directed to

I hired an editor or reviewer, but I feel unsatisfied. Is there anything that I can do?

Yes there is. For more details, take a look at our Refund Policy.

What can Gurufi offer to a top educator?

Look here to find out how Gurufi can serve your needs

Our Educators

Which universities are considered to be Top 20?

Gurufi currently recruits passionate educators that are attending or have attended one of the following universities: Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Caltech, Berkeley, Cambridge, MIT, Oxford, UCSF, Columbia, U. Michigan, UCLA, U. Penn, Duke, Princeton, U. Toronto, Cornell, U. Chicago, Wash. U., and Northwestern.

Our list of Top 20 universities is based on an amalgam of recent lists compiled by US News, The Economist, The Times, and AWRU.

We understand that the Top 20 lists compiled by the above publications change from year to year, and more importantly there are many outstanding institutions of learning and scholarship that exist beyond the Top 20 listed on this site.

How does Gurufi verify editors or reviewers?

We explore the accuracy or legitimacy of the information provided by the editors or reviewers by accepting (1) verified .edu email addresses from the Top 20 list of universities during registration or (2) documentation of diploma, transcript, or registrar letter verifying proof of attendance or graduation from the Top 20 list of universities.

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