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Gurufi is proud to partner with FourthWrite to provide our clients comprehensive and professional services. The expert writing advisors at FourthWrite provide a selection of services to help you produce excellent admissions and professional writing:

  • Consultation. Hourly phone or online video consultation with a FourthWrite advisor for any subject related to admissions writing, with a focus on admissions positioning and essay topics.
  • Formative Revision. Two rounds of editing to help you solidify your essay content and structure prior to a thorough proofreading.
  • Comprehensive Packages. FourthWrite's comprehensive packages offer you total support through all the stages of your writing process. Guided Writing Support is a great option if you want full support on brainstorming, outlining, and revising one essay, while Comprehensive Writing Support provides full-service, open-ended support for all of your admissions writing for multiple schools. Each package starts with a consultation with a FourthWrite advisor to tailor the service to your needs.
  • C.V./Resume Revision & Cover Letter Creation. FourthWrite Professional leverages decades of experience revising thousands of resumes, C.V.s, and cover letters across every industry to improve the writing that is most critical for your professional success.

Please select your applicant type to explore FourthWrite's offerings, and use the coupon code 'GURUFI' at checkout to receive 10% off of your FourthWrite order.

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