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Does Gurufi take a commission for providing work, and if so how big is it?

Gurufi's commission varies quite a bit depending on your GuruRank. The maximum commission is 20% for a newbie editor. However, as you move up and retain a high GuruRank, that commission begins to drop. To the benefit of the editor, a higher GuruRank with higher reported earnings will highlight an editor's star quality and boost their GuruRank and visibility on Gurufi.

So editors keep more of their earnings as an editor's volume and ratings on the site go higher? So how does Gurufi compare to editor mills?

Yes, top-ranked editors keep more of their earnings with Gurufi.

For editors, Gurufi offers a unique way to make money. Unlike essay editor mills that take up to 70% of the fee that they charge client, Gurufi allows you to keep almost the entire amount. In addition, you can set your own rates, and the essays you receive will be assigned to you based on your education, expertise, and schedule. This unparalleled level of control that Gurufi gives you over your admissions and/or academic essay editing business offers a marked improvement over essay mills in terms of pay and conditions.

Mathematically, how do the GuruRank and GuruPoints systems work?

Yes, Gurufi ranks its editors. Gurufi uses GuruRank, which ranks Editors by calculating the editor's GuruPoints. GuruPoints is an amalgamation of the editor's transactional volume on the site, community feedback from clients, and recent activity and is calculated by an algorithm. Your GuruPoint total is the sum of all the transactions you have completed, multiplied by the respective rating your clients left in their reviews. Additionally, there is a "half-life" decay, so transactions that occured two months ago will only give half as many points as a transaction that occurred today.

What makes Gurufi different from editor mills?

Gurufi offers you a number of advantages over either traditional tutoring companies or other online services. By becoming a tutor or editor in our network, you have access to clients from around the world, and not just in your local area. Second, unlike most online tutor or editing sites, for top tutors Gurufi does not deduct a substantial percentage of what the parent pays you. While other sites might take as much as 60% or 75% of the fee, at Gurufi, you keep the vast majority (>75%) of the money. Third, you have complete control over your schedule, so as your popularity and ranking improves you can make more money. In other words, Gurufi gives you a greater control over your editing enterprise, a larger share of your profits, and a bigger pool of available clients. With Gurufi, you make an investment in yourself.

I want to tutor, but I don't see any tutors on the site

Gurufi is planning on implementing a broader functionality in the beta version of the site. Send an email with a CV to

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