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Refund Policy — 'Gurufi Money Back Guarantee'


We created two features to guarantee complete satisfaction: "Safe Gurufi Escrow" and "Editor Verification":

  • Safe Gurufi Escrow: Gurufi maintains client funds in escrow until the end of the transaction. Funds are not released to the editor until the client has received and reviewed the editor's work and rated the editor for GuruRank.
  • Editor Verification: Editors are verified to come from the Top 20 universities by documentation.

Please carefully read through the following guidelines and send an email to to submit a claim through the Refund Questionnaire. Please note that clients must submit claims through the Refund Questionnaire within 48 hours of the end of the edit.

Safe Gurufi Escrow

The "Safe Gurufi Escrow" is a Gurufi exclusive feature that guarantees a stress-free transaction by retaining funds before they are released to the editor. Many editing and tutoring companies ask for non-refundable up-front payments. We don't.

With the "Safe Gurufi Escrow", a client does not pay the editor directly, but instead deposits the funds into an escrow account with Gurufi. This escrow system gives the editor the reassurance that the client has the funds to pay the editor promptly, but the editor does not receive any funds until his or her work is completed to the client's satisfaction and the editor has received a rating for GuruRank.

Upon completion of the editing work, the client has 48 hours to verify receipt of and satisfaction with the deliverable.

Editor Verification

Gurufi verifies editors by requesting a copy of the editor's acceptance letter, registrar letter, transcript or diploma from his/her institution. Those editors have the label "Verified" in their profiles.

Material Misrepresentation

In the event a client is not satisfied, the first recourse is communication between the editor and client. The second recourse is the rating system which will affect the editor's GuruRank. Most disputes can be resolved with communication and ratings. If the client is unsatisfied because of material misrepresentation and feels a refund is in order, please editor immediately and try to work towards a resolution. However, if there is an irreconcilable dispute due to material misrepresentation such as

  • misstating work experience and editing competency
  • misstating areas of editing expertise or subjects that can be competently taught

email us at and complete the Refund Questionnaire. The Refund Questionnaire will request detailed information such as the nature of the complaint, schools applied, and the details of the transaction. With a completed Refund Questionnaire, we will issue a refund.

Please note that this does not extend to cases where the client is simply disappointed with the outcome of a grade on an edited paper, homework, paper, quiz or exam. Gurufi will ultimately determine material misrepresentation and is not responsible for damages beyond prompt refund of editor fees.

What happens after submitting a claim?

We will contact the editor to encourage him or her to work directly with you to resolve the problem. Please contact us if you reach a settlement with the editor. If no resolution could be made, you are assured with 100% 'Gurufi Money Back Guarantee' in material misrepresentation cases. A Refund will be issued immediately after completing the Refund Questionnaire.

How do I cancel a pending claim?

Parents and Students can contact us to indicate that the transaction has been resolved. Editors will need to contact the students and encourage them to email us in order to revoke or cancel a pending claim. If a resolution has been reached after a claim has already been submitted, please contact us.

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