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School: Yale

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About Me

**If you have trouble selecting your desired return date, please send her a message; there appears to be a glitch in the system concerning availability and she most likely will be able to edit your essay within the required time frame.

Born in New York City, raised in Boston and currently based in Paris, for more than a decade Nina has helped hundreds of clients with their applications to top programs in the US and abroad - and she brings a diverse range of expertise to every project she takes on.

After graduating from Yale University, she earned her PhD at the University of London, Royal Holloway, where she served as a Visiting Lecturer and received both the Royal Holloway International Excellence Award and a Crossland Research Fellowship.

An award-winning novelist and playwright, her background also includes executive recruiting in the private equity/hedge fund arena and more than a decade as a freelance dramaturge and fiction editor.

Not only is she dedicated to helping students realize their dreams in gaining admission to the school of their choice, but she is also passionate about helping them become better writers.

When not editing or writing fiction and plays, Nina is likely to be found at the theatre, picnicking on the Seine with friends or roaming the Latin Quarter with her dog.

*Please do not hesitate to message Nina before you place an order if you have any questions or concerns - she understands how stressful the admissions process can be, and she is always happy to help in any way she can.


Yale University
-BA in English

University of London, Royal Holloway
-MA's in Creative Writing & Playwriting
-PhD in Drama & Theatre Studies


  • Medical School
  • Business School
  • Law School
  • Graduate Programs
  • Undergraduate Programs


5 starsPassionate writer and artist, master storyteller!

Nina is an absolute gem! I cannot recommend her highly enough. She helped me with my business school essays, and she put so much thought and energy into understanding my “true personality” behind the writing, and in helping me bring it out as authentically and vividly as possible. I think very few editors take this approach and put that much effort into understanding your story (vs. just editing your language). She’s a writer and an artist, passionate about what she does, and it really shows. I used to send her my essays, with zillion questions and comments around the story-line, and she used to take her time to answer each of them. She would send me a written critique to explain any changes and address my concerns, and she even offered to have a call to explain her comments more in detail and hear mine – all throughout the holiday season. I really felt that I had a great support system just by working with her, she’s very encouraging and truly wants the best for her clients - and she brings out the best in them. Thank you Nina :)!!! Angela

- Angela

5 starsAuthentic Edition

I wanted my writing to become more authentic and sincere. And that is the reason I asked Nina for help. I assumed that she would be capable of doing so because she edits fictions and plays also. I am very glad that I found the right person. She made my writing much more touching and I am very pleased with her work. Thank you very much Nina, and I strongly recommend her.

- Stephen

5 starsThank You!

Nina!!! YOU ARE AMAZING!! There aren't enough words in the dictionary that can express the gratitude I have. I want to thank you for not only being a great editor but also a companion. Over the last few days, you showed me only care and support and I am very very grateful to have met you. It's funny how a feeling that I had about you ended up being exactly that. Thank you so much for everything

- Emanuel

0 stars

Thank you SO SO much for this new version! You made my day! All corrections are absolutely spot-on and I agree with all of them, and I loved how you trimmed it. I would not have been able to do it myself. And thank you so much for your kind words. You can't believe how encouraging it is for me. The whole venture of applying, let alone studying, is indeed a big change for me! :) - Aizhan


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