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5 starsKellogg Essay Looks Great!

He really helped me get my points across effectively! My essays look so much better. 10/10 recommend

- Shadae

2 starsThanks

Just amazing!

- Yu

5 starsBrian is the best!

I am so lucky to had my essay revised by Brian. His education background in history and law is really helpful to my essay and PS for the application to a law school. He is so intelligent, patient, efficient and responsive. Not only did him make my essay more concise, but he also rewrote most of the PS to make the story and thoughts more attractive, logical and vivid. Also, he gave me very useful suggestion to write a better essay. I will work with him for other applications in the near future:)

- Shuting

2 starsThanks

Brain made the sentences very smooth and had a good logical flow. I am willing use his service and would like to appreciate him.

- Nara

5 starsReturning client

Brian got me admitted for my MBA in the UK before, I came with no hesitation this time to work with him again for another masters application, and as expected, he makes the essays all connected and sounding very eloquent and professional! I am also applying for 2 other schools and will work with him for these as well. Brilliant work!

- Kareem

5 starsBrian's writing is so excellent!

Thank you so much for helping editing the article! The whole spirit is the same but the whole article so much better!

- Rosie

5 starsCommitted editor

Although Brian is not from the field of study that I am applying to, he is making an extra effort to understand what I want to convey in my statement of purpose. I like his frankness and politeness in his feedback. I would definitely recommend to my friends and family members of his service!

- Kian

5 starsPerfect!

Thank you so much I highly recommend him! totally worth it. You are the best

- Soomin

5 starsBrian is THE BEST

Brian really helped me connect my 4 essays with a unifying theme and highlight things that can really catch Adcom's eye. I went back and forth several times with Brian to have my essays edited to perfection, and he is so kind and patient and super responsive!! He also provided detailed answers to all my questions. Brian really does his best to help me succeed. With my essays edited and perfected, I got into my dream MBA program, and can't thank Brian enough!!!

- Susan

5 starsrepeat customer

I am a repeat customer. He is the best editor and writer in my mind, and he revised my application essays over 2500 words. He made it concise, vivid, and always could do the developmental editing to almost rewrite most parts to reach the perfection. Although my program is business related, however, he really knows how to write business application essays and has enormous background information of BA, DA. If you find BRIAN, he won't make you disappointed.

- Nicole

5 starsVery impressed by Brian's work

Brian has done a great job to help me with my essays and I am sure other applicants for any school will get impressed by his professionalism as I did!

- Jihua

5 starsMBA essay

Brian did a brilliant job with my MBA essay. He is an expert in exploring the storyline and making the essay shine. Thank you!

- Tina

5 starsGoes above and beyond

Brian did an incredible job tying my story together. I truly believe he played a significant role in my admission to my top MPP grad program. I highly recommend him for any essay editing.

- Rosie

5 starsTook my essays to the next level!

Brian took my MBA essays to the next level and I’m confident that his editing of my final essays played a significant role in me receiving interview invites at both Harvard and Stanford MBA and ultimately getting accepted into both programs! I highly recommend Brian for any business school applications! Quality service for a really great relative price!

- Paul

5 starsThank You So Much

Service that exceeds expectations. Didn't change the core of my statement, but restructured it and refined many of the words, making it look more professional.

- Zhuang

5 starsGreat!

I found him by someone's recommendation. And I never regret to meet him. I'm very pleased with the revision. I'd also highly recommend him to you!

- Yujin

5 starsperfect

It was really good to get professional essay. Appreciate for your help


5 starsAmazing!

Thank you so much! I highly recommend Brian. He is dedicated, impressive and truthful in his writing. Perfect!

- Aida

4 starsThank you so much

I'm really satisfied with his editing service.

- Jieon

5 starsHe's the best!

Brian gave me not only proofreading my SOP but also advice on the overall flow of the context. I would recommend Brian as the best writing editing expert If someone needs help with SOP or other documents. Thank you!

- Daye

5 starsPERFECT

I am more than satisfied with what he has done. A perfect edit to make my PS more readable, consistent and outstanding. Thanks so much!

- Liyan

5 starsGreat!

The revision from Brian is excellent! His feedback was timely, and he gave the prompt replies.

- Sophia

5 starsAlways perfect

I have used Brian's edits for 3 times, and each time his edits is perfect. Amazing job! -Z

- Zhuo

5 starsAlways perfect

I have used Brian's edits for 3 times, and each time his edits is perfect. Amazing job! -Z

- Zhuo

5 starsHe Knows What's Best

Brian really turned my essay around. Not only in making it flow better, but from start to finish, it was just a more compelling story. He knows how to start the essay off to grab the reader's attention, something that I need to work on. He offers both clarity and style in expression and will simply make your writing better. I highly recommend him without reservation. ---- Ethan F.

- Ethan

5 starsExcellent!

Thank you! It is just amazing!

- Yu

5 starsBrilliant

Brian did a wonderful job in my essay! I felt like I was reading my own voice in a more clear and compelling story. He is very pleasant to work with and extremely professional. I would recommend him with no reservations and I will definitely be using him again in the future.

- Luiza

5 starsCompletely mind-blowing

Brain's edit is truly incredible and brings my essay to a whole new level while still keeping my authentic voice! Extremely highly recommended!

- Eve

5 starsBrian

Brian's edits will take your personal statements very far. He is a true magician of the English language. Brian fills me with hope in a world where there is much hopelessness.

- Adam

5 starsHighly Recommend

Brian's edits made my essays more professional while still keeping my tone. The turnaround was quick too. Got into my top choice and highly recommend Brian to anyone who is applying for MBA!

- Adrey

5 starsMan of many words

Absolutely exceptional service and writing expertise. Got into my top choices and am so happy to have worked with Brian. HIGHLY HIGHLY recommended!

- Afshan

5 starsWordsmith

Accepted into top choice! Absolutely a delightful person and par-excellent editor!

- Tarannum

5 starsAmazing Work

Brian is absolutely wonderful. I highly recommend him! He managed to deliver an outstanding work in very little time. The quality of the work handed is breathtaking. Extremely professional on all aspects. Thank you so much again.

- Aida

5 starsBrian is Amazing

Brian is a very skilled writer and editor. I gave him three admission essays to edit and was absolutely blown by the quality of the work handed back to me. He kept the tone of my essays as well as my overall ideas intact. Highly recommend Brian and Gurufi!

- Kyle

5 starsGreat refining

When I read my essay after Brian's touch, it felt so professional.

- Vasu

5 starsWOW

I had a bit of doubts to be honest when I first found out about Gurufi and Brian but I am completely amazed how he transformed my essay to whole different level. I am very impressed.

- Donghwi

5 starsAmazing Composition

My essays started out fairly bland. The level of expertise shown by Brian is second to none and my essays are now of another caliber thanks to him. His additions and changes do not take away from the context, but rather enhance it and give it a level of polish that would capture the admissions audience's attention. I can only hope I have a peer reviewer as professional and detailed when I write my thesis.

- Richard

5 starsExcellent!

Totally worth the investment. Brian is able to capture your voice and enhance its clarity through better word selection, and logical flow.

- Greg

5 starsJust Wow

Best edits ever. Like all the other feedback you see here, Brian really comprehends your essays' intent and goals and recapitulates them fluently. I'm also impressed by the extra spark he adds to the essay, making them stand out beyond how I could have ever done it. Stand out and well worth the price. I'm definitely coming back! I'm just hoping I can sound as good in my interview... Thanks, Brian! -D

- Yu

5 stars1000% Recommended

Brian's work in editing my essay was brilliant. I'm no professional writer, but I felt like I had a good story to tell. Brian helped turn my story into a piece of work I can be proud of by making it more powerful, vivid, & concise. I would recommend Brian to ANYBODY looking to improve their writing efforts to stand out for an MBA application

- Sam

5 starsWorth. Every. Penny.

Brian's suggestions, comments, and recommendations were exceptionally helpful in framing my essay in a logical and cohesive format. His frank comments and suggestions for improvements made my slightly above-average statement a stellar one. His experience and expertise helped me adjust the tone of my essay to clearly articulate my background and future objectives.

- Shashwat

5 starsThank You!!

Brian did an excellent job editing my essay with a quick turnaround time. I highly recommend Brian to anyone who may need help with an essay. Thank you Brian!

- Viv

5 starsWonderful

I just read the returned essays. I'm not a native speaker but I can tell they are really good. Brian definitely helped a lot!

- Xinou

4 starsHi


- Seung Su

5 starsI Couldn't Be Happier

Brian did a brilliant job with my essay. He managed to transfer my choppy writing and thoughts into seamless and beautiful flow of words. He kept the original thoughts but managed to bring the right expressions and elevate the quality of the writing into a new high level.

- Abdalmajeed

5 starsBombastic!

I can not describe my satisfaction with the excellent job Brian does on revising essays. This is the second time I have used his expertise for medical school and residency personal statements and I am ecstatic with the results. If you can afford it do not second guess for a moment. -Pirooz

- Pirooz


I highly recommend Brian for anyone that is looking to get their essays edited. Brian did a great job editing my essay with a quick turnaround time. He paid attention to all details i provided him with and i will definetely be using his services again in the future. - Arsh

- Arshpreet

5 starsAMAZING

Brian turned the PS much more powerful than my original version!! He did a amazing job in transforming ideas into words!! I feel much more confident in my application!! Would 100% recommend!

- Annie

5 starsExcellent!!

I highly recommend Brian!! You will be amazed at his results, my jaw dropped in disbelief by how amazing my paper turned out!

- Arla

5 starsHighly Flexible and Amazing End Product

Brian crushed it reviewing my essay! I feel significantly more confident in my application after working with him. Would recommend 10/10.

- Adam

5 starsExcellent Editing!

Although not cheap, well worth the investment and piece of mind having an experienced professional like Brian review and edit your MBA essays!

- Chris

5 starsBrian is the best!

I'm very happy that I worked with Brian. My SOP improved tremendously. He is also communicative and offered great advice.

- Kathleen

5 stars10/10 can vouch

Words cannot describe how happy I am with Brian's work. I highly recommend anyone seeking help on their MBA essays to consider Brian.

- Arthur

5 starsExcellent Work! Thank you Brian!

Brian is a fantastic editor. He did a great job of transforming my ideas and making it stand out in my personal statement. He improved every aspect of my personal statement making it very compelling to read. He put in extra time to ensure I get a great essay. He is very professional, and I will highly recommend him. Thank you for your services Brian!

- Flavine

5 starsWorth the Money!

I was kind of scared because I've never paid for an editor before, and the prices were definitely high for me. However, my medical school application means a lot to me, and I know that medical schools heavily weigh how you reflect on and convey your experiences through your writing. Brian's editing of my personal statement made my writing so much more powerful and vivid, and he made my message so much clearer than I originally had. In the end, his service was very much worth the price, and I would highly recommend him.

- Sharon

5 stars11/10 Would Recommend!

Brian edited my essay extremely well and with a quick turnaround. I had sent my draft along with a few issues I had, and he not only overall improved the quality of the writing, but addressed every issue that I had mentioned. As other reviews have mentioned, Brian's ability to magnify details through his word choice and smooth flow between sentences really elevated the writing. Many thanks!

- Leila

5 starsGreat Work!

I have just worked with Brian on the Personal Statement for my 2021 AMCAS application, and I have to say that I am very satisfied with the experience. After Brian's editing work, my PS looked much better. I especially like the new natural transitions between the paragraphs. I also like the fact that some key questions (such as Why Medicine, Readiness & Determination, Reflections) are addressed explicitly in the essay now, which makes essay more powerful. Besides the editing expertise, Brian is also very professional. He always replied my messages quickly, and returned the essay on time. My overall experience working with Brian was very positive, and I highly recommend Brian to anyone who may need help with an essay, you will sure be glad with the result. Alan

- Alan

5 starsExcellent

Brian is a true professional. I looked at a number of MBA writing services before choosing Brian. His critique of my writing surpassed expectations.

- Doug

5 starsfantastic work

Brian edited my essay perfectly with a short turnaround. I will definitely ask him to give my suggestions on my essays in the future.

- Chance

5 starsVivid Storytelling

Brian transformed what I thought was a well-polished statement into a glowing one. His ability to magnify details and make stories more vivid is incredible. If you're on the fence of having your essay professionally edited, or just trying to decide who, look no further. He's a pleasure to work with.

- Levi

5 starsThank You Brian!

Brian helped me convey the thoughts and ideas in my personal statement in a very clear and precise manner. I loved that he was quick to respond and provided continued help even after finishing his edits. I was very satisfied with his service!

- Mohammed

5 starsExcellent Work!

Simply put: professional and extraordinary! Brian has polished my essay to perfection, in a way that is definitely appealing to the admission officers, and I probably wouldn't be able to create such a paper on my own.

- Havana

5 starsCollege Placement Essay

Brian truly helped me so much in editing my undergraduate personal statement essay. He did a realy great job! I will definitely use him again for my law school personal statement essay. Thank you so much!

- Daniella

5 starsExcellent!Thank you

Brian did an excellent job! He edited my essays in succinct language and made the bullet ideas outstanding! Also the price is reasonable. Thank you again Brian~

- Yue

5 starsThank You!!!!

Brian's editing is really amazing and he did it in a quick turnaround!!! Very satisfied about his work. Thank you Brian!!

- Jing

2 starsThank you

I feel more confident in my story and will be a repeat customer. Thanks so much for maintaining my voice and helping me craft a more compelling SOP.

- Lacie

5 starsThank you Brian

In short time, Brian gave me a fancy SOP! Thank you a lot.

- Eunhan

5 starsOutstanding from every aspect!!

In fact, I feel very lucky that I have worked with Brian to improve my essay. He has all the skills to make your essay shine and stand out. He is truly an amazing writer. Moreover, he is very generous in offering suggestions and addressing your queries. You will never regret that you have worked with him.

- Mohammed


I LOVE YOUR VERSION! Brian edited my SOP and I love this result. I fully recommend Brian to edit your essays. - LEE

- Kyungsene

5 starsThank you Brian!

Brian is an excellent editor. He did a great job organizing my ideas and wording them. I am very satisfied with his helpful service.


2 starsLe

I am very pleased with what he edited on my personal statement. Thank you Brian !

- Khoi

5 starsAwesome Editor!

Amazing writer! I truly appreciate every help I've received from him! Brian had made my statement much more compelling. I am exceedingly grateful, thank you very much!

- Alan

5 starsPersonal statement review

Brian did a great job organizing my ideas and wording them. I am very satisfied with his service.

- Aziz

5 starsExcellent Editor

Brian has done an amazing job editing my essay, even though my first draft was written hastily and was structured badly. Could not have asked for a better editing. Thanks

- Paigaam

5 starsAmazing command over English

Brian made amazing edits for my medical school personal statement. Not only did he improve the voice across the board, but he also improved the structure, flow, and details to make my points more convincing and vivid. Highly recommend him!

- Peter

5 starsPerfect work

Brian finished my request within 2 days and disregard my lack of provided info, which caused him some trouble to edit and re- do. He definitely has the greatest attitude and fixed it perfectly. Great work and best revision I could have ever asked. Thank you so much. :) - Huang

- Yuhsuan

5 starsExcellent editor

Thank you Brian! Brian is an excellent editor. The amount of work he puts into editing essays is incredible and amazing! He always understands the true intentions of your writing and makes them present in an excellent manner. -Satya

- Satyamedha

5 starsThank you!

I am impressed by his edit.

- Shuoqi

2 starsThank you!

Brian is very professional and genuinely cares about the work he does! I'm very happy with my revised draft and I would recommend him to everyone!

- Hina

5 starsvery impressed

This is a wonderful editing work. While preserving the original content, my essay is much more logically connected clear, and powerful. Brian, Thank you so much for helping me out!

- Yiheng

5 starsGreat job

Great job for helping me on HBS essay and thanks a lot!

- Lu

5 starsVery Impressed

Brian is a great writer. The work he provided is beyond my expectation, very high-quality! Thank you so much for the help!

- Dan

5 starsimpressed

Very impressed again by his edits on my ps!

- Carissa

5 starsBeyond the level

Brian is very nice and helpful when I asked questions regarding to some suggestions for my essay. He literally transformed my essay into a better version of it while still maintaining the same content. I'm going to submit my personal statement for him to edit as well!

- Carissa

5 starsAwesome Editor!

Brain is very nice and excellent editor. As a non-native English user, thanks for his professionalism, I could gain a high quality of my personal statement.

- Wei

5 starsThank you!

I was thrilled to get my reviewed essay back. Reading line by line, I could feel how much effort Brian put into the essay. I could see that he understood the whole context and details as intended, improving it to the next level. Thank you so much, I am confident that my next choice will be Brian again!

- Meera

5 starsThank you!

I loved how Brian improved my writing by making the description more precise and vivid. He was very good at understanding the content I wrote and makes my ideas more clear, without assuming too much that did not exist. I don't usually use online editor, but this experience with Brian was amazing! Thank you! -Yolanda

- Yolanda

5 starsSuperb

I used Brian about three years ago for a college admission essay that I thought was good but needed a different opinion. He made perfect suggestions for how to reorganize it, extracting a hook from the body and putting it right at the beginning, with suggestions he calls "sanding" to hone the message. He was spot-on then, and now he has done it again for a graduate school essay. He took an essay that I though was very good and really did make it great with similar small but highly valuable modifications. He just knows how to make an essay hum, and that's what he did for me. Thanks Brian!

- John

5 starsBest editor

I have used several editors. Brian is the best. The quality of the essays dramatically improved after his edit. Highly recommended!

- Xiaowei

5 starsThe Best of the Best

He is a great editor! He meets his deadlines and helped me get my thought across. I will use him again and also refer him to my friends. Thank you Brian!!!!

- Ofelia

5 starsBest editor!

I have been preparing lots of essays to meet deadlines while working full time. Brian has really made my life so much easier! Highly recommend!

- Wan

5 starsExactly what we needed

Brian took the essays we submitted and helped get the thoughts across in the best way. Good, prompt communication. Did exactly what we requested. Very timely in getting the work turned around. We will absolutely use Brian again for similar needs. -JJ

- Jeffery

5 starsAwesome editor!

Brian is really cool! Outstanding work!

- Wan

5 starsPersonal Statement

Brian was very patient and so kind with me in regards to my personal statement. He was able help me make my personal statement more concise while still keeping my voice, but he definitely added a special touch to it as well. He answered all of my questions and concerns. He also helped me with my CV and that was a great turnout as well. Again, making it more concise and was able to format it so the most important topics drew the most attention on the CV. Thank you Brian! Would 100% recommend!

- Tanya

5 starsBrian is awesome!

He was able to make my material more clear and powerful! He's the best editor I've ever worked with!

- Crystal

5 starsThanks A lot

You did it! sharpened the pros of my essay. Great job

- Belqis

5 starsBrian is amazing!

Brian edited my statement to perfection! He was VERY KIND and took in account all my requests while ensuring I stayed on topic. I would recommend Brian for anyone needs a little pixie dust sprinkled on their essay, it reads smoother than butter now. My Guru Brian saved me from submitting a personal statement that was far from ready. Well worth every dollar! Thank you so much for restoring my confidence in my ps. I am going to use Brain yourself a favor and contact him too!

- Maralah

5 starsSo Great!

Brian worked on my SOP for graduate admission, and he is surely the best editor ever!

- Minsun

5 starsAmazing!

Brian was very good! Always responded and was there to make sure you’re 100% satisfied. Highly recommend!!! Thanks for the hard work man!

- Andrew

5 starsVery Helpful!

Brian was able to drastically improve the flow of my essay and helped clarify all of the ideas I wanted to convey. Thank you!

- Sophia

5 starsSo happy

I worked with Brian on my personal statement for medical school and I was very happy. Prior to my editing request I messaged him via gurufi, and he is very responsive! He was great about answering my questions. When I got my edited personal statement back I was very pleased. He understood what I was trying to convey and made my statement much more compelling. I really appreciated his work and his dedication to his clients!

- Melissa

5 starsThe best spending in 2018

Brian's editing is over my expectation: very professional, very prompt and know my needs better than I do. He rephrased the text flow and expressed my mind in a clear and concise way. With his help, I am able to get my most favored school's offer. Thank you, Brian!

- Sienna

5 starsStill my essays, but not my essays!

Brian's editing is perfect. He totally got my points and make them shine. He is also very responsive on follow-up questions. Look forward to my application result now!

- Dan

5 starsPersonal statement

Brian's editing is excellent! He was able to get my point across in a captivating and professional manner without exceeding the character limit.

- Lauren

5 starsGreat

I'm impressed with the result.

- Noor

5 starsAwesome work!

Brian was very prompt and delivered as promised. Will recommend to anyone for professional editing services.

- Joseph

5 starsGreat job!

Brian's work was amazing! He expressed my thoughts in a polished way without missing even a point! Amazing!

- Isabel

5 starsPersonal Statement

Brian did an amazing job expressing my thoughts, ideas and experiences in a concise and polished way. Transformed my essay from scattered thoughts to a coherent and professional sounding essay. Very responsive and quick turn around time. Great work! -Casey

- Casey

5 starsAMAZING!

Brian worked with me to refine my essay and turn it into the best possible version of itself. I know a lot of people might look at the cost and wonder if it's worth it, but as someone who isn't made of money: DO IT! Brian will NOT disappoint you, and will most likely surpass all your hopes and expectations. Truly a pleasure working with him, simply outstanding.

- Ian

5 starsExcellent Work!

Completely polished my personal statement and made it sound ten times better. Very moving and thoughtful words used. More importantly, my ideas and concepts remained untouched in the body of the essay. Awesome job!

- Ravinder

5 starsAmazing job

If i could go back in time, I would use Brians services for every essay I have ever written. Brian is amazing and always delivers the highest quality work.

- David

5 starsSuper

Brian is the best. He made my essays much more impactful.

- May

5 starsAwesome

I am greatly impressed by Brian's work. He is highly recommended.

- Michelle

5 starsExellent!!

I really love his editing with just right words and structure. Thank you so much for a great help, Brian.

- Se In

5 starsSuperb

I'm in love with how you articulated my essay. Thank you so much Brian, God bless you infinite!

- Zeenat

5 starsExcellent

I cannot be happier with my essay that Brian edited. Definitely recommend to everyone.

- Patrick

5 starsAwesome

Recommended for anyone who want to edit an essay!!!!

- Nesreen

5 starsOutstanding

Brian did an outstanding job to edit the essay. I would highly recommend him.

- Daniel

5 starsAwesome

Brian is truly a perfectionist.He brought the sop within the word limit needed and at the same time delivered a far more vivid, clear and powerful version of my thoughts and ideas.
Hats off!!

- Abhijeet

5 starsGreat!

Recommended for anyone who's looking to polish their essays.

- Johnathan

5 starsBrian is a Champ

Brian is truly the best at his craft. He helped me articulate my thoughts in a clear and professional way. He knows how to use the perfect words to get your ideas across.

- Mike

5 starsPerfect

Brian is the best, he kept the same statement with great work on it, I am very impressed with his work!Thank you so much! Basma

- Basma

5 starsExcellent

5* service, thank you.

- David

5 starsGreat work, thank you!

Brian's editing service is the best, he completed transformed my work to the next levels! Thank you!

- Michelle

5 starsExcellent!

I'm impressed with the product. Would recommend Brian to others.

- Jason

5 starsBrian

He made the essay concise and kept the same message but made it unbelievably better. I would recommend him to a friend.

- David


Very happy with the editing Brian provided. Can only recommended him!

- Ruben


Brian is an incredible editor and definitely exceeded my expectations! He helped me express my thoughts and ideas more eloquently and powerfully. I highly recommend him! Thank you for being patient and working with me Brian!

- Dee

5 starsAwesome!

Brian continued to help me until I was satisfied with the essay. He is also very quick at responding to anything needed.

- Gourab

5 starsGreat!

Brian was able to help me express what I wanted in my essay much more concisely and eloquently than I could have. He gave meaning to mundane sentences and made every sentence flow together so well. He's also very friendly and is quick to respond to any concerns you have. I will definitely be using him for future work. Thanks Brian!

- Rachel

5 starsPerfect (Statement of Intent)

Brian helped perfect my statement of intent in ways I could not have done alone. He also did so extremely fast! He will surely do the same for you.

- Ryan

5 starsAmazing!

Brian is very eloquent and an expert at transforming mundane papers into works of art! Personal Statement

- Abdulmalik

5 starsAmazing!

Brian is very eloquent and an expert at transforming mundane papers into works of art! Personal Statement

- Abdulmalik

5 starsAmazing Results

I am beyond pleased with the editing Brian provided. In addition to spotting technical errors, he suggests stronger words and phrases as well that really bring someone's writing to the next level. Additionally, he is kind and patient. I will use him again for any writing I do in the future.

- Olivia

5 starsFully Satisfied, Excellent

This is my second time having Brian revise my work and I am extremely grateful. He is amazing his work always leaves me speechless and fully satisfied. I highly recommend him. Thank you So much!!

- Catherine

5 starsThank you!

Brian is the best writer in the world. I always ask his help whenever I need with my essay. He turned my writing from level 0 to level 100. I am always happy with his writing. Thank you!

- Thet Myat

5 starsEssay for Business School

Brian is amazing. My deadline was on Monday and I gave him my draft at late night on Sunday. He did the job perfectly and even two hours before I expected. I am really grateful, thank you for saving me! - DC

- Da

5 starsMedical personal statement

Brian did a fantastic job! He was able to sharpen up my statement yet still keep my voice! He did a perfect job!

- Diego

5 starsStatement of Intent

Brian did a great job organizing and my scattered thoughts and articulating my core message. I have a confidence in my essay that I did not have before Brian's help.

- Tanner

5 starsPersonal Statement

He smoothed out and decluttered my essay brilliantly.Thank You again.

- Ayesha

5 starsHe is amazing!

I was really worried because my essay was such a mess. I requested editing my essay to Brian, and he is the best. There is no word that can explain his job except "the best" "exceptional" and "amazing". He turned my essay with amazing words, sentences and so on. He is the best. Best editor in the World :)

- Heeyeong

5 starsExcellent!

Brian has exceeded my expectations! He is excellent at revising and really made my statement flow. I definitely recommend him! Thank you again!

- Ana-Christina

5 starsExpert

Brian is definitely an expert in this area. I think that I will come back if I need further help.

- Lei

5 starsKing of Kings

Brian is truly amazing. The revision keeps my original idea while completely blows my mind. I'm very grateful to have his assistance and guidance. Thank you!

- Steven

5 starsGrace

He is amazing. He didn't touch my idea of writing but make it much more sophisticated! Best editor I've ever seen. Worth every penny. Thanks Brian!

- Hajung

5 starsSuperb!

Brian has a great talent for finding the voice of the writer, improving it, and making the piece "sing!" My statement was much improved with just a few tweaks of his editing. I am very satisfied.

- Emily

5 starsFantastic editing

Brian's work clearly presented and even explored my original ideas in the essays.

- Justin

4 starsThank You

Brian is a very professional editor with good use of transitions and vocabulary.

- Nan

5 starsThank you

Brian is seriously experienced and seriously professional. Thank you!

- Sabrina

5 starsBest editor

His editing is amazing. He just made my essay so much refined and lovely to read.

- SJ

5 starsThank you

Brian is nice and professional. He answered my follow-up questions promptly and offered great insights. Thank you very much Brian!

- Katrina

5 starsGreat works

I love his edit! Thank you

- Jinsu

5 starsSatisfied

I like it. Thank you

- MC

5 starsLifesaver!

Thank you Brian for the awesome job you did polishing my application essay.

- Nur Atiqah

5 starsFully Satisfied Thank You

I am in awe and speechless, no words can fully describe the high-quality editing skills of Brian! It truly blew me away. I highly recommend him!!!

- Catherine

5 starsThank You

Loved Brian's edit! I highly recommend him.

- Ken

5 starsGood Job!

I'm very happy to return high-quality SOP from Brian! Although there are somewhat jargons of my field, he can interpret them smoothly.


5 starsPersonal Essay ( PA )

Wow ,Brian is on the ball. He's very professional and his editing skills are beyond expectation. I highly recommend him. Thank you again

- Nikki

5 starsThank you

Brian was brilliant as always. He smoothed out the essay while maintaining the main points that I wanted to make. He really made it into a story. Thank you!

- Danni

5 starsPersonal Statment

I highly recommend Brian! He managed to highlight my voice in a way that I did know how to express it. Very helpful along the way.

- Oscar

5 starspersonal Statement

Thanks Brian! you did a wonderful job!


5 starsThank you!

Highly recommended! Thank you, Brian!

- UC

5 starsAwesome work!

I was hesitant at first and didn't know what to expect, but Brian came through for me. He was able help me convey the exact message that I was trying to get across in my essay. Great use of transitions and overall vocabulary. I would recommend his service to anyone struggling to edit their papers. Thanks Brian!

- Baldeep

5 starsGreat Job!

Brian did a great job with my essay. He was able to make my thoughts and sentences clearer and engaging. I would definitely use his editing services again in the future and plan to recommend him to all of my family and friends! Thank you, Brian!

- Harp

5 starsThank You!

you did a great Job!


5 starsKevin

Great work and wonderful advice. Brian made my draft way more clearer and help carried out a much better story I was trying to tell. Definitely will come back and seek for further editing advice.

- Yukun

5 starsHighly recommended

Great and amazing work. Cooperative and professional. Thank you, Brian.

- Mohammed

5 starsSimply the best

Brian helped a lot with my admissions essay. I think he is one of the best editors I encountered.

- Valentin

5 starsHighly Recommended!!

This is the second time I am using Brian's services. And, again, he did such an amazing job! Not being a native english speaker, I had tried other editing services before, but none of them had come even close to what Brian could do to my essay. Once more, thank you Brian!!! I will definetely come back!

- Rachel

5 starsGreat work!

Brian made my essay much clearer and brought out the best in the story I was trying to convey. Would recommend him to anyone that is looking for edits.

- Saawan

5 starsGreat Edits

Brain was extremely helpful in making my draft more clear, concise, and vivid. I would most definitely recommend him to anyone looking for an editor.

- Lynn

5 starsThanks for the great work!

Though I have a good idea of what to write, writing it in an effective and clear language within the word count is another difficulty in itself. Brian helped me communicate my thoughts in a way I never thought possible. He literally transformed the essay while keeping the core content intact. If you are under budget for hiring a full consultant but need help on the essay part, I believe this is the way to go! I tried about 3 services and this is by far the best!

- Jy

5 starsGreat Reivew

Brian is great a great writer and will help you bring out the best of your writing. He has great communication skills and will not leave you hanging.

- Jason

5 starsAmazing

What a breathtaking elegance use of English. I cannot believe someone who put this much of commitment in a writing and at the same time with extremely skilled writing ability actually exist in this industry. I feel the money that I spent is actually notoriously minute amount compared to what he has done for me.

- Jung-In

5 starsGreat!

Would always use him again. Very strong edits, significantly improved the flow of the essay, strengthened my wording, and made the whole text much leaner without losing details/content.

- Thomas

5 starsFantastic Work

Was extremely helpful! Continued to help me with the paper until I was completely satisfied. Definantly recommend!

- Martin

5 starsExcellent job

I was very hesitant to use online editing service. After reading the edited version, I don't regret at all for making the decision to use Brian's service. Brian turned my paper into a better one without changing its core. Would definitely recommend his service to anybody.

- Hong

5 starsGreat job

I was hesitant to utilize this service at first, but Brian was great and walked me through the entire process in such a way that made me understand the changes made while also providing information enabling me to write my essays better henceforth. I will absolutely use this service again, I highly recommend Brian and while you may think that the initial price is steep, I do wholly feel that it is worth every penny.

- Alexander

5 starsPersonal statement edit

Brian did a great job with my paper, really took it to the next level! Highly recommended!

- Whitney

5 starsGreat job!

Definately will come back~

- Alicia

5 starsGreat Job

I asked Brian for a personal statement and he wrote it perfectly and communicate with me even he was waiting his baby boy. congrats Brian!! and thank you

- Ali

5 starsGreat editing Service.

After doing some research for the best editing service, I am happy I listened to others online. Brian's work was exceptional. Although I was skeptical at first, this experience has made me a believer. Brian will be highly recommended to my friends and I can't say more about his work. If you are skeptical about anything, don't be about Brian.

- Jono

5 starsgreat value

The changes made to my essay were great. While content remained the same, the delivery was improved!

- Arpan

5 starsSimply great

What a change! Not being a native speaker, I would have had no chance to even get close to that level. It was a real pleasure to work with him.

- Lisa

5 starsMuch better than expected

I have requested my admission essays to many websites and editors, nobody editted like Brian have done. I definitely recommend Brian.

- Eui Hyun

5 starsReally good

This is my first time using Gurufi. Brian helped me with my transfer application essays and revised them in a way that is exactly how I desired. Clearly he is an expert in his field and I believe you will find it to be very true if you let him help you. Thank you Brian!

- Qiuye

5 starsWhat can I say?

Brian improved my essay in every way possible, making it more fluid and focused. 10/10 would use again! Thank you!

- Andy

5 starsGreat work

Very happy. Helped me to clean up a lot of little things, and my finished product was much better than what I started with. Thanks again!

- David

5 starsAwesome

Extremely helpful

- Yi-Ting

5 starsAbsolutely amazing

Brian was amazing in every aspect. Very responsive and diligent, and he's a very eloquent writer. I highly recommend him for everyone.

- Han

5 starsGreat editing

Helped tailor my essay and bring clarity to my thoughts. Appreciated the help to transition from tell to showing by incorporating personal experiences. Highly recommend.

- Alan


Brian completely transformed my essay from a poor shoddy one; missing direction, to a outstanding polished essay, all while retaining my voice throughout! I woke recommend him to everyone!!!

- Aaron

5 starsGreat!!

I am not a native speaker, and Brian helps me tailor my essay exactly as I needed. If you are looking for someone to edit your personal statement, I definitely recommend him. Guanz

- Gun

5 starsExcellent

Best editor ever! Great work!

- Theo

5 starsArticulate and Clever

Brian did an excellent job in helping in the clarity and transitioning of my essay. I'am very pleased and will most likely have him edit future material. Thank you so much!

- Jose

5 starsExcellent editor

Agreed. I've used many editors in my application, Brian is the best editor I've worked with so far. My essay now looks interesting, crisp and it reads much more like a story which is what I hoped to achieve. Thank you Brian!

- Crystal

5 starsAmazing

Amazing! Best editor I have ever found.

- Yue

5 starsThe best

Worth every penny. Impeccable work!

- Aline

5 starsAwesome

Brian is a professional editor. I am totally satisfied with his revision. Thank you, Brian!

- Soohyung

5 starsImpressive

Simply, his editing was really great. Thanks to him, I found my essay become clear and elegant. I think he deserves the highest of compliments. In addition, he made a lot of effort to answer my questions kindly after the main editing. His after-service made my essay become even better. Anyway, I recommend him as a one of the best editor for your paper without hesitation.


5 starsGreat!

He really knows how to make an essay more concise and make your point well demonstrated.

- Olivia

5 starsGreat editor

Very helpful and insightful suggestions.

- Thom

5 starsSimply the BEST

There is not much to say. Brian is simply the best editor. Highly recommend Brian to anyone who interests in excellent professional essay editor. Thank you for your service Brian!

- TD

5 starsBest editor

not to mention, he is the best editor!

- Soobum

5 starsAwesome

Brain did an awesome job in transforming my thoughts into a clear and concise picture. I highly recommend !

- Brad

5 starsImpressive Editor

Brian did an impeccable job on my professional school application essay, and I got great results from it. He really can do a great job on all levels of writing, regardless of its content. Highly recommended!

- Sara

5 starsabsolute Amazing

Brian is very help and did amazing job with my essay! Cant thank you enough!

- Kimmy

5 starsamazing

Brian is very helpful and although I submitted an unreasonable urgent request, he was very kind to help me out!

- Will

5 starsamazing

Brian is very helpful and although I submitted an unreasonable urgent request, he was very kind to help me out!

- Will

5 starsamazing

Brian did a great job with my essay!

- Varen

5 starsAmazing

Love it.. Brian did a wonderful editor.

- Joe

5 starsAmazing

Brian did an amazing job editing my essay. He made my essay sound so much better while still delivering the same message. I am so glad i found him, and would recommend hm to anyone.

- Rachel

5 starsAmazing!

Brian did a wonderful editing job on my personal statement! My essay turned out to be so direct and smooth! I will definitely recommend Brian to anyone that needs help with their essays.

- Mrinali

5 starsExcellent essay help

I've just finished reading Brian's suggestions for a college essay, and they were great. I really liked how he adjusted the paragraphs and their wording to tie concepts together more, and his word-crafting almost always stayed within the voice of a high school student. Great job!

- John

5 starsGreat!

Brian did a phenomenal job! He turned my essay into something that was truly exceptional.

- Dawei

5 starsmarvelous and superb revision

I really appreciate your marvelous and superb revision. The sentences are written in a neat and polished style. I am utterly satisfied with your work so that I will ask you to review my personal statement soon as well.


5 starsPersonal Statement

I requested him to edit my personal statement for applying to college. The essay became so smooth, excellent, and outstanding after editing. Brian made my essay exceptional that all of my friends were impressed. I recommend Brian to anyone who needs help with an essay.


5 starsImpressive Depth of Knowledge

It's one thing to have good writing skills, it's another to be vast enough to use a word or two that help illustrate depth of knowledge. Not only does Brian craft the prose of the essay with artistic fluidity, he also uses his vast knowledge to put a touch of depth in the essay. If one were to write an essay about the future of electric vehicles, Brian is the kind of author that would infuse a word relating to the 1900s era when the US automotive industry was nascent. I'll recommend him to anyone anyday.

- Ifeanyi

5 starsResidency Personal Statement

Brian is an outstanding professional, a talented writer and a very helpful person. His work is substantial and really impressive. I have already recommended him to some peers and, obviously, would recommend him to anyone out there. Thank you, Brian!

- Bruno Fernando


Long overdue thank you to Brian. He is professional, articulate, and an exceptional writer. I feel like he captured who I was, and chose appropriate words and imagery to help me effectively convey that message. I felt confident moving forward with my application. He is responsive and professional. I highly recommend working with him. Thank you so much Brian. The work you do is substantial, and I can't thank you enough.

- Stephanie

5 starsexcelent job

He is an amazing writer and did a awesome job editing my paper. My paper sounds much better due to his editing, and I highly recommend him to anyone.

- Sohaila

5 starsResidency Personal Statment

I'm very happy with the work Brian did. He did his best to help me as he gave me the time that I needed in order to feel comfortable with the work he did . I recommend anyone to work with Brian . Brian Thanks my man

- Wassim


He has taken my thoughts and packaged them into a masterpiece. His writintg is amazing.

- Christine

5 starsGenius

What a tremendous help! Absolutely brilliant. Period.

- Robert

5 starsPerfectionist that would go an extra mile to help you out!!

This guy helped me to get into dental school and now I have used his service so I can make it into the residency. This is how good he is!! If you are not sure who to pick on Gurufi then just read the reviews! Nobody would trick you with that many reviews!! I wish I can post my statement before and after to show you how amazing it became!! Don't overthink and use this guy!!!

- Engy

5 starsExcellent!

He has my highest recommendation. My essay turned out great because of his edits!

- Ben

5 starsAwesome!

Highly recommend Brian! He's SO great at what he does! I struggle with writing, especially when it comes to writing about myself. Brian first helped me organize and told me exactly how I should go about my personal statement (what to elaborate on, key things to include, etc). He then did an amazing job of editing my draft to make it exactly how I wanted it to be! I seriously can't thank you enough!

- Jasmeen

5 starsBrilliant

He is brilliant and I highly recommend him.

- Linus

5 starsGreat service

I had to prepare a personal statement for a graduate school application. Even though I had an idea of what I wanted to say, my essay was far from a polished, perfect and suitable essay for application. Brain helped me a lot, the end result was perfect. Even I felt really good reading my own essay after his editing. It was still me and all that I had written, but revised in the most professional way. Thanks Brian

- Sepideh

5 starsGreat job!

I highly recommend Brian. He helped reform my PS without affecting my thoughts and ideas. This is the first time I use a professional service. I have to say that Brian did an excellent job and made the best out of my PS.

- Ali

5 starsWorth it

I've never used an editing service before and was hesitant at first, but I knew having a professional revise my personal statement would make me feel much more confident. Brian didn't disappoint and I'd recommend him to anyone, even if you're not someone who struggles with writing.

- Steven

5 starsExcellent!

Highly recommend Brian! I am going to be recommending Brian to anyone who asks for help on personal statements for graduate admissions - that includes medical and business schools, among others. Thanks Brian - your help is greatly appreciated!

- Darshan

5 starsAbsolutely wonderful!

Brian exceeded my expectations, and I highly recommend him!! My personal statement is much better, more concise, and contains all the ideas and themes I wanted to portray. He truly has a way with words and will do wonders for anyone's essays. Thank you Brian!

- Amy

5 starsWow!

I couldn't find any better word to say about his editing. It's simply fantastic. This is my first time experience with gurufi and especially with Brian. It's such a pleasure working with him. I definitely recommend him to everyone. Thank you Brian! Timothy

- Timothy

5 starsSUPERB JOB...

I can not say enough about Brian. He is the SAVIOR. I got to know him through a random online search and was very hesitant ask him for assistant. 24 hours later I realized it was one the best decisions I have ever made in such a short time and very happy with my investment. A little pricey but absolutely worth it... Thank you.

- Pirooz

5 starsReally Great!

I highly recommend Brian to the pre-health students.

- Parisa

5 starsMedical School Personal Statement

Wow. I was feeling a little stuck with my personal statement and I couldn't find the extra push I needed to make it done. Brian took my essay and made it a million times better - and that's because I thought it was pretty decent before the revision. He really enhances the storytelling of your essay and makes things flow much better. A friend of mine had tears in her eyes after she read the essay. If you want a brilliant and moving essay, Brian is your guy. Thank you!

- Jared

5 starsFascinating

Trust Brian. Amazing writer, and you get to see your essay going through metamorphosis. I will most definitely come back to him for any future manuscripts that require some careful, in-depth and thorough works.

- Jun

5 starsWonderful

This is the second time I got help from him. He is truly the best writer I have ever met.

- Linus

5 starsVery good editor

He is a very good editor and willing to help me improve my personal statement after the first revision. I am going to use him again for my other essays in medical school application.

- Linus

5 starsVery Efficient

To cut the long story short, Brian's work got me accepted to one of the top 30 business schools in the world!

- Kareem

5 starsGreat job!

Brian is exceptional in his writing. I am sure that most of you will be very satisfied with his work.

- Matt

5 starsExcellent job!

Excellent work as always! Strongly recommend Brian to any one who is looking for an editor.


5 starsExcellent!!

I'm so excited to see my thesis that has been edited by Brian. Brian is very responsible and capable. He has not only polished my language but also made all my discourse coherent and precise. Instead of simply replacing my words, he endeavors to keep my original idea as much as possible. Very grateful for his help! Strongly recommend Brian to anyone who is looking for an excellent editor.


5 starsTruly amazing!

Brian provided me insightful advice for making my essay coherent. Thank you very much!

- Yu

5 starsAmazing!!!

I am in awe of the amazing work that Brian did for my med school personal statement! Brian took my essay and solidified every point that need to be perfected. He made connections in my essay that I would not have been able to make otherwise. I definitely recommend him!

- Anthony

5 starsGreat!

I am sorry that I leave this review this late. It was an amazing experience. I will definitely come back again if I need help

- Yue

5 starsAwesome!

I have made a mistake of using a editor with an unknown credential for my initial draft. You get what you paid for! Brian made my essay shine! I will definately use him again in the future.

- Chanyang

5 starsNice man

Really nice man

- Aloysius

5 starsGreat Experience

I have to admit I was a little iffy at first because I didn't know what to expect but his editing was amazing. He edited some of my secondary essays for medical school and I was very comfortable sending them off right after receiving them. He was able put my thoughts into words and did a fantastic job. If I don't get into medical school its not because of those essays that's for sure.

- Tiffany

5 starsAwesome!!

There is no other way to describe his editing. It's simply awesome.

- Edwin

4 starsHe rocks!

what a great edit. Thanks alot

- Khwlah

5 starsBrian's Edits on my Medical School Application

Brian did a great job editing my medical school application: personal statement and work and activity sections. He honed down the grammar and introduced vocabulary words that I wouldn't have thought of before. It was a lot cleaner afterwards and it was nice to have trust in his ability and skill as an editor. I fully recommend Brian for any graduate school application or personal statement.

- Haidang

5 starsTHE BEST

Choosing Brian for my personal statement editor was probably the wisest move I've made for my graduate school preparation. And, it's not an exaggeration! He is worth every dime, and Brian will work with you until you are satisfied.

- NJ

5 starsBest editor

Brian clearly understood what I meant to say and accurately and effectively delivered the message. Not only is Brian a man of great expertise, but also a right attitude. I recommend Brian with full confidence.

- SeungWon

5 starsexcellent!

Brian edited my personal statement and helped me in ways that I wouldn't have even deemed possible! Would definitely recommend to anyone/ everyone.

- Amelia

5 starsLOVE IT!

Brian edited my Common Apps essay and the editing was SPECTACULAR! Brian took my essay to another dimension.

- SeJun

5 starsIncredible!

The work that Brian has done on editing my essay is outstanding. I'm very thankful. While his service is pretty expensive, it is definitely worth every penny!! I highly recommend Brian!!

- Yevgen

5 starsExcellent!

Amazing job! I have not seen any editor doing a great job like Brian! Thank you so much!!

- Mohammed

5 starsGreat Job

He is the best editor I've ever seen. Thank you :)

- Seungho

5 starsExcellent!

Brian perfectly understood what I want to say and he transformed my essay into wonderful one. Thank you :)

- Jiho

5 starsGreat Service

I would recommend this service to anyone! Thank you Brian.

- Min

5 starsGreat Service

Brian has a responsible attitude. He perfectly handled my repeating request! -TJ

- Taejin

5 starsTerrific

I was marveled by his editing. He fully understood what I intended and reflected them on the essay in a sophisticated way. I'm satisfied with his work and will work with him again.

- Heeyun

5 starsWow..

I was stunned by the amazing editting! thank you so much for your excellent work.


5 starsExcellent Editting

It was wonderful Brian! You polished my paragraphs so perfectly. Thank you

- Mo

5 starsBrilliant and Ammazing

Brian transformed my statement and made it awesome. I don't believe anyone could have done any better. It will be a big mistake if you don't pick as an editor. I strongly recommend him, and I am sure I will be using his services again.

- Javed

5 starsgreat editor

I thought I did a good job with my personal statement but Brian made it a lot better. More thoughtful and sincere tone without losing my own voice. Much better style and word choices. Other people who read the revised essay agreed too. Thank you.

- Yao

5 starsOutstanding!!

I am totally satisfied with his service. Thank you Brian.

- Hyunsik

5 starsamazing!!!

I certainly appreciate your helping me out. Thanks~

- Dongwook

5 starsExcellent work

His editting is absolutely amazing. Highly recommended to everyone.

- Jiayang

5 starsMohammed

Brilliant! Very happy with his services and the quality of work, drastically improved my statement. Thank you Brian!

- Mohammed

5 starsgreat work

I am satisfied with his work. It was a great help. I would like to use these services again!

- Eun-JI

5 starsExcellent

Thanks for great work !!! This is my first experience with gurufi. I am very satisfied!!

- Dongwook

5 starsOutstanding

Thanks Brian. From this revision of my SoP, I have admired his wrting ability. If I have to revise my essay in the future, I definitely choose him as my writing guru. I strongly recommend him.

- Heonjae

5 starsThe best

I am sure my essay had my heart into it. Brian saved all my emotions, feelings, and my vision into my essay. Thinking that my essay was 90% done, it was not. After I recieved my changed essay, I noticed that my old essay was maybe about 30 % done. Brian is a great guy, he gave confident to me and my essay.I don't think anyone could have done better than him. Thank you so much~

- Luke

5 starsAmazing

His selection of words is very effective, and I am very satisfied with it. He still make my writing have my intention, while remove odd phrase or expression! Although I need some more revisions, but I am surely willing to request editing to him.

- Yongjin

5 starsAwesome!

It was beyond my expectation. Brian transformed my personal statement and delivered it on time. Definitely recommend to anyone who needs editing service.

- Jake

5 starsAmazing!

I asked Brian if I could get my personal statement in 2 days, and he got it done in time. He did an amazing job with the essay and made it flow so much better. It still has the same ideas I had in my original essay, but he just spiced everything up! I would definitely recommend him if you need personal statements for medical schools.

- Jasmine

5 starsAmazing Work

Thank you Brain. Brain did an amazing job with my personal statement. I highly recommend him and will definitely refer him to other.

- Waleed

5 starsMany bravos for you

WOW , your editing skills turned my PS to an extraordinary one. Many bravos for you. The assay still has the same content but more concise and draws attention from the first words of the essay. I am sure that my personal statement would stand out among other applicants. Definitely I would like to use your service again and highly recommend you for all.

- Soso

5 starsBrian is awesome

Brian did such a great job editing my personal statement, I can not find words describing how thankful I am, Thank you.


5 starsAwesome

Brian did such an awesome job editing my essay! I will definitely be coming back for more help!

- Paran

5 starsOutstanding!

Brian helped me with my personal statement! All I can say is that he did an outstanding editing of my writing! I will definitely be coming back for more help on my future writings! -Omid

- Omid

5 starsWould like to work with Brian again!

Can't say enough good things about Brian. He helped me with my personal statement to the extent that it was my voice, but more polished! He has a gift for highlighting the most interesting aspects of your experiences, and weaving them into a compelling story. Highly recommended!

- Lauren

5 starsImpressive First Edit

Brian's first edit of my personal statement was totally amazing. English is not my first language and I have hard time expressing my ideas and narrating the story in a rather compelling tone. Brian was able to somehow bring that out of my essay while keeping everything else intact like the core of the message I wanted to tell. It was like he cleaned the dirty window of my essay so that readers can clearly see through who I am and what story I wanted to tell them. However, in subsequent edits where I was seeking honest feedback on how my argument was built and substantiated, I don't think Brian did his best or was critical enough in letting me know how and where my argument can be improved--may be I was so impressed by his first edit that I was expecting too much. Nonetheless, all around 5 and would use his service again.

- Do Hyun

5 starsExcellent.

I especially recommend Brian if you are looking for someone to help you restructure your essay in a way that is more clear, concise and help it acquire a better flow. Great work!

- Nia

5 starsPersonal statement

Definitely made my essay more coherent, ideas flow much better now. Highly recommended!

- Michael

5 starsPersonal Statement

Brian's editing skills are beyond this world. If you need your papers edited, Brian is the man for the job! Worth every penny. Thanks a lot my man, you did a fantastic job. - Kyle

- Kyle

5 starsPre-Med Review

Brian really helped me hone my thoughts into a more concise and powerful personal statement.

- Sam

5 starsPerfect Editing

Thanks a lot for your editing!!


5 starsSatisfied Customer

Brian was fantastic. Although I believed my original essay was already a strong piece of writing, he managed to revise it in a way I never expected. It acquired a beautiful tone and fluidity without losing any of my thoughts or visions for the essay. In addition, he was prompt and easy to work with. I would highly recommend using Brian! Would definitely use his services again.

- Thomas

5 starsEveryone MUST read my review! BRIAN IS THE MAN!!!

I was initially wary of Gurufi, however, my favorite site on the internet is Gurufi thanks to Brian. If there is a single man on this planet, it is Brian! Allow me to explain... I thought (key word: thought) I had written a superb essay that just needed some touching up. Brian took it to a whole different level. Unbelievable. However, with that, I still wanted to take it in a different direction. He was absolutely willing to incorporate the points I wanted to revisit. He did so with utmost kindness and reworked my essay by injecting a warmer tone. Putting your essay in Brian's hands is literally a winning investment. I guarantee you will not regret it. I love Brian more than the guy below me, -tt

- Tarik

5 starsVery impressive

Brian is a gifted editor! He took my pile of trash and transformed it into a pile of gold! I love Brian.

- Amer

5 starsExcellent Talent

Brian is a talented writer. His work and professionalism impressed me. I highly recommend Brian's service. Thank you so much Brian!


5 starsYou'll keep coming back...

... just like I did. Brian did not change the content of what I wrote, but gave it a warmer and more persuasive tone. I feel that the essence of who I am was better conveyed because of Brian's service.

- Ryan

5 starsHighly recommend Brian!!!

Honestly, I was initially hesitant to use an editing service for my med school personal statement, but I am so impressed by Brian's work that I want him to review every writing aspect of my application. Brian is polite, helpful, prompt and a very talented writer. He clearly has a lot of experience and I know why he has all the raving honest reviews. Brian greatly improved the flow and impact of my PS while still retaining my original ideas. I'm so happy I decided to invest my money in his expertise because it was definitely worth it.

- Cathy

5 starsFirst editins appointment

I had a great experience with Gurufi! Thanks so much Brian - your work has been a great help. I would very much like to use these services in future as well. I very much appreciate the time you took - I will definitely recommend these services to my friends.

- Nikki

5 starsAwesome editor

Brian is a truly talented writer. He also keeps his deadlines. Worth every penny! I will definitely request Brian's services again in the future. Thank you so much Brian!

- Mary

5 starsVery impressive

Thanks for the great work. My essay was much improved. I highly recommend Brian for any editing and will definitely use his expertise for other revisions

- Hadi

5 starsGreat service

Thanks for your great work Brian!

- Siamak

5 starsPersonal Essay

Excellent work. Brian was very prompt and professional about the work. The essay itself is top notch!

- Abhishek

5 starsBrian is awesome

Brian did a great job polishing my essay. Thank you! He was prompt and really helped me write a better personal statement. I will definitely use Gurufi again!

- Michelle

4 starsGREAT

This was my first time using Gurufi and i was not sure what to expect. However, i chose Brian because of the good remarks i read about his work on another forum. I must say i was really impressed with his editing skills. I would definite recommend him and Gurufi. Thank you.

- Mohammed

5 starsWOW!!!!

This was my first time using gurufi and I didn't know exactly what to expect. Brian helped me with my personal statement and I was very happy with the final result. My personal statement had a great flow that I could never give it. I definitely will be using Gurufi again. Thank you Brian.

- Yuniesky

5 starsAWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

thank you for your great work Brian!!!!!

- Soobum

5 starsHe is awesome

This was the first time for me to use the Gurufi, and his editing service was awesome. He always answered all my questions in few hours. Even when I asked him to double check the edited essay, he kindly did that for me. If you want to change your essay into a perfect one, just choose Brian.

- James

5 starsBeautiful Work!!

Brian is very helpful, intelligent, and punctual. My PS would have never been better without Brian's help. He revised my PS very carefully. He polished my PS even when I read it again I was like " wow". Thank you so much. I strongly recommend him !!!!

- Spring

5 starsThe best ever!

He is the best editor ever. He made my essay really awesome, and nobody can do it something like this. He's the best.


5 starsgood

good editing

- Rui

5 starsBEAUTIFUL!!

WOW!!!Brain made my personal statement sound so much better than I have imagined. He replied back to my question really fast,which I like. I will definitely asking him for more editing in future!!!!

- Phat

5 starsTHANKS

Amazing job! My essay is now more coherent, vivid and powerful. I will be asking him for future revisions for sure! Thank you Brian!

- Iris

5 starsThank you

He made a wonderful opening of my statement.


5 starsVery helpful!

This is the third time I've used Brian for editing my admissions essays. He always goes above and beyond to make sure you're satisfied. I've worked with other Gurus and Brian is consistently the best! Thank you as always!

- Michael

5 starsThanks a lot.

Brian's revision is amazing.

- Minkyung

5 starsTimely and Helpful!

I am so impressed by Brian's editing. It helped me to polish up my work. He always reply my inquiries promptly. Great job! -Xueting


5 starsPerfect!

I'm totally satisfied with his editing. He was very amicable and willing to communicate with me. Thank you, Brian!

- Soohyung

5 starsit was fantastic!

Thanks Brian! Your rewriting is just amazing! You made my essay more powerful and vivid! I really appreciate your best consideration!

- HyeJeong

5 starsGreat!

Thanks a lot for your revising!!

- Minjee

5 starsExcellent!

I strongly recommend Brian!He did an excellent job on my pos and gave me valuable advices. I'll definitly work with him again!


5 starsGreat!

He is working surprisingly. If anyone who need revising, i will suggest him!

- Sungjun

5 starsGreat!

Thanks very much four your excellent editing!

- Colin

5 starsGreat!

Thank you for your specific advice and editing. I am very stisfied and glad to work wite Brian.

- Junyoung

5 starsGreat!

Helpful much! Thanks a lot~

- EJ

5 starsNicely done!!

Working with Brian you'll know that you are investing your money in the right place. He did a great job on my essay and takes deadlines into account. I'm very satisfied and will use his editing services again.

- Maheen

5 starsGreat!!

He made a complete difference. Thank you Brian!

- SungJin

5 starsWonderful

You are the best. I really like his revising, actually, it was a wonderful rewriting that I've never imagine.

- Harry

5 starsGreat job!

Brian does a great job at making transitions between paragraphs!!!highly recommend him!!

- Vicky

5 starsGreat

I am very satisfied! He did the great job to my SOP as I requested! He is professional. I will use his editing service again!

- Jae Wha

5 starsAwesome!

He did very good job on my essay. Although I required many instructions to him, he satisfied all of them perfectly in a short time. He made my essay more cogent. I have no doubt that I would like to work with him again when I need him. I highly recommend him to everyone.

- Sang Seo

5 starsAmazing editor!

Brian did an amazing job with my essay. His writing is phenomenal, and he helped me convey my ideas in a clearer, more professional manner. I would definitely love to work with him again, and would recommend him to anyone in need of help with their writing. Thank you so much!!

- Nisha

5 starsSuper helpful

A fantastic editor! Listened closely to what I asked for, and was able to return my essay in a timely manner. Will definitely be using his editing services again.

- Sarah

5 starsFantastic

Just Fantastic. He is professional and really kind!

- Hyosang

5 starsVery helpful person

I am very glad to work with Brain. He is a professional editor.

- Kemo

5 starsTruly gifted!

Brian is a truly gifted editor! I was amazed at his flexibility and adaptability. He was extremely professional. I was very pleased with his edits and comments. He is simply a gifted man who has clearly worked hard at his job for a long time to be this good. The cost is reasonable. He is quick and thorough. If there was a way to clone editors, Brian would be first in line. He is the best! Thanks much. -NG

- Nachi

5 starsReally Helpful!

Great service I had! Thank you very much!

- Hyewon

5 starsHelpful

He really helped clean up the language & small things of my personal statement that my university's writing services didn't pick up on. Thanks. :)

- Syshane

5 starsThank you.

I couldn't say thank you no more. You helped me a lot, he knows what is the need and what is not. Thank you, I get really a lot from you.

- Hwasoo

5 starsBrilliant!

I am so happy with Brian's work! I can't thank him enough!

- Kristy

5 starsHighly recommended!!

Brian was recommended to my by one of my friends who was amazed by Brian's quality of work. I was a first time Gurufi user and thus was a bit skeptical of the whole process and whether it would help me. I did took the leap, and asked Brian to help out my essay. And was I impressed by the resulting essay! Not only Brian helped me cut down the size of the essay while keeping the content, but also made the essay more professional. I was impressed by how polished the essay looked. So I highly recommend Brian's reviewing services to everyone! You will not regret!

- Suchit

5 starsWonderful Job

I appreciate your editing services. I was worried about the personal statement, but you turned a cohesive and strong essay! I highly recommend Brian, and his service worth every penny!

- Elliot

5 starsPerfect

I would like to thank you to Brain for reviewing and editing, the result was so fantastic, my essay turned professional, clear, and vivid. I'm totally satisfied with the outcome. I'll be surely coming back again for the next one. BIG THANKS!

- Care

5 starsAmazing.

WOW-- Thank you for your editing services, you turned a good strong essay into a powerful symphony. HIGHLY RECOMMEND BRIAN. You know, I'll be coming back.

- Jahinover

5 starsFantastic Editor!

Thank you Brian for putting the time into helping me with my personal statement! I had difficulty with the flow and sentence structure of my essay and Brian was able make my essay much more concise and to the point-- without taking my voice away! I highly recommend Brian! I'll be coming back for secondary essays!

- Tonya

5 starsJob Well Done

Excellent editing. He improved the sentence structure and flow of my essay and brought out my voice. Overall, I am satisfied with the final result. Thanks!

- John

5 starsExcellent!

Very thankful for Brian's input and help! His assistance made my personal statement concise and bought out the message that I was trying to convey. After my initial submission, he continued to help me until I was satisfy with my final draft. I highly recommend him.

- Amanda

5 starsJust amazing

I can't imagine to complete my application without his help. Brain helped me in editing my personal statement and other mini writings. He is truly amazing! If you are stressed with application and searching for editing your essays, Don't waste your time. Just go with him. Totally worth every penny I paid. Thanks Brain! You are the best!! :)

- Thet Myat

5 starsGreat Job!

Brian's editing of my personal statement greatly improved its flow and polished it tremendously. It was money well spent! I will likely use him again for future essays.

- Diane

5 starsBrian is the best editor

Brian is very professional in editing personal statements and any material. He is very nice and good listener, which make you feel comfortable to seek advices about your essay. My advice is choose him over any editor! You will be amazed and surprised by his editing skills! Don't waste your money on others. His work is more valuable than his price for edition.

- Yas

5 starsTalented!!

Would do his best to help you. Since my native language isn't English, Brian was able to express my thoughts exactly like I wanted them to be. He helped me in editing my personal statement and then mini essays. I am glad I choose over everyone on Gurufi. You should too.

- Engy

5 starsIf you're debating, go with Brian

Applications can be unnerving. Send your essays to Brian to gain some peace of mind. With Brian, communication was speedy and without a hassle. Last thing you want to deal with is an editor who is slow to reply while you're going crazy with apps. As I read through his edits I was just amazed by his phrasing and the elegant yet not too over-the-top vocabulary he used. What more can I say. Worth every penny.

- Cj

5 starsHe is the Best editor you can find

i feel so lucky that i found such a great editor!! brian is really patient, which is really helpful when you are applying for medical school or any other graduate school. Usually editors changed the meaning of my sentences, which made me so bitter; but brian's edit was exactly what i wanted to tell the adcom!! He works with you until he makes sure that you are satisfied with your essay. Thank you for helping me, Brian :)

- Nazanin

5 starsBest Editing I Have Ever Gotten Anywhere

Brian went above and beyond to make sure that my draft still maintained the tone I wanted to set while still balancing important details that my essay would have been weaker without. He was honest, and really told me what I needed to hear without sugar-coating anything. He not only edited the initial draft I submitted, but continued to work with me until I had a final product that I was proud to turn in. It is no surprise to me why he is the #1 editor on this site. Thanks for everything Brian!

- Vadim

5 starsPerfect for med school!

Brian spent a lot of time and great work on my personal statement for medical school. Highly recommended!

- Michael

5 starsBrian has a supreme skill!

Thanks to his editing service, I could finish my work sucessfully. As an international student, I was surprised at such a marvelous expression he used. Absolutely, he is the best.

- Aram

5 starsThe best editor

As average rating tells you, he is the best editor!!

- Jay

5 starsLove this

Love This Essay so Much Thx!!


5 starsThe best editor!!!!

I cannot figure out what to say about him. The only thing I can say is "He is the best."

- Jay

5 starsExcellent!!!!

First time using Gurufi, and it was evident from ratings and comments on Brian’s profile that I should be taking his service. Brian helped me with personal statements till I was satisfied. My statements were all over the place, Brian not only helped to organize my thoughts, but also helped to have clear and powerful vision. He replied to my queries instantly and sent back edits back on time. Unlike other reviewers who insert complicated words while editing, Brian kept simple words that I initially had in my statements (final edit looks like my own writing, not someone else's). Another thing that separates Brian from other reviewers is that he does not change writer’s opinions. The final write-up voices my own opinion with vivid and clear understanding. I am fully satisfied with my statements and would like to work with Brian again in future.

- Rivjot

5 starsJob well done!

Thanks for taking the time to revise and restructure my law app essay! I appreciate the good communication and quality of work. Hope to work with you again in the future!

- Robert

5 starsAn Excellent editor

As an international student studying in one of the IVY universities, I am applying to a graduate program which requires a mastery of rhetorical writing, reading and research. Frankly speaking, I hired two editors before, both all of them claimed themselves as "professional and senior editors". However, when I sent their revisions of my essay to the Writing Center of my school, professors singled out tons of idiomatic and grammatical errors. It was very terrible! But this time, after changing my editors for a third time, I sent Brian's revision to my professor. Here are her comments, "For the most part, you have a nice flow. As usual, I have a lot of comments to make, but I hope you find them helpful: many of them are fine points." You can see how excellent he is. I am a very demanding person who is particularly with word-choice and semantics. Brian did not simply trim down my long-winded essay but actually make it a persuasive and powerful one (although the last paragraph is not so good and not so specific). Brian also gave me much professional advice on writing. Thanks for your excellent job! He is a trustworthy editor.

- Shasha

5 starsExcellent!!

Thank you very much Brian! Excellent work! I love your edited essay!

- Jianpeng

5 starsAmazing!

He is the one!!!! Thank you Brian!

- Rainbow

5 starsWow.

Thank you so much Brian! I love your revision so much! What I really liked about his revision was that he not only helped me on the basics like grammar and structure, but also did really great job on making my essay more lively.

- Jonathan

5 starsAwesome!

I placed another order to him again because I was very satisfied with his editing. Inevitably, the result was great! Most of all, one of his strong points was that he understood my intention exactly. He listened to my opinions carefully, tried to understand my intention from both my messages and writing, and corrected my essay more lively and powerful. I strongly recommend this editor to you!

- Koohee

5 starsSatisfaction!!

I am much gratified with the result. He deserves to be paid and ranked top! He understood my intention very well and made my essay more vivid, clear, and powerful. Also, he corrected structures as well as sentences to make it clearer and less back-and-forth. I sincerely thank you.

- Koohee

5 starsBest of Best

Surely, I strongly satisfied your editting. People who got Ph.D in my field praised your editting. In addition, my essay quality changed perfectly.

- Bonghun

5 starsOnly thing I can say.

I cannot say anything but he is the best. He always revises my essay more vivid, clear and powerful. I really like his revision!

- Jay

5 starsGreat~~ editor!!

My essay came back to me with really narrative and powerful revision. Also, the contents what I wanted to express were retained and upgraded. ^_^

- Taehwan

5 starsVery good

He is a great editor.

- John

5 starsExcellent!

I am fully satisfied with his editing!

- Youn-Kyoung

5 starsTm

Excellent Editor. I can't tell how appreciative I am of his great work.

- Tameo


Brian's work is unmatched- he has edited my personal statements and secondary essays & I am always beyond happy with the results! He does a great job and makes sure you are satisfied with your essay! DEFINITELY WORTH THE INVESTMENT FOR YOUR FUTURE! Many thanks Brian for everything!

- Monica

5 starsThank you so much!

Brian is a great editor and he helps me to improve my writing skills and organizing skills. My personal statement is more vivid and more clear before. Thank you so much!

- Yunshi

5 starsAMAZING!

Brian has edited my personal statement and secondary essays and I am always so satisfied with the results! He makes sure the revised version gets back to you on time and that you're content with the editing done. I've already used his services a couple times and will definitely be continuing to ask him to edit my essays until I'm done with the whole application process! :) DEFINITELY WORTH IT.

- Sarah

5 starsWow...

I just said.. "wow" after reading revised my essay... That's who Brain is~! Thank you so much!

- Tae Ann

5 starsOutstanding and excellent editor!

I have been a member of Gurufi for quite some time now and after multiple successful transactions, I only trust Brian with my essays! He is simply the best! Fast response, always makes sure you are 100% content with the result! CHOOSE BRIAN!

- Monica

5 starsOutstanding!!!

He is the best editor. Perfect. thanks !!!

- Seunghwan

5 starsExcellent!

I got admission from good universities thanks to his editing my essay. Also, every-time he helps editing my essay, I am very satisfied with his work.

- Hyosang

5 starsGreat

He was great as always.

- Danni

5 starsPersonal Statement

Excellent Editor. My essay was AWESOME! x

- Amina

5 starsThank You Very Much!

I really appreciate your advice on my SOP. If I get the chance to be admitted to the graduate program, I'll thank you first.


2 starsChoose Brian!

Amazing editor! The best!!!

- Monica

5 starsTop editor

What a great transformation he brought to my personal statement, the flow and style of the story is great. Many thanks Mohammad

- Mohammad

5 starsCharlene

Brian is a great editor I've ever been worked with! And he's been continuously helping me with multiple essays that I have problem with. I always go for Brian. Thanks!

- Qiyi

5 starsBRIAN!!!!!!

I am extremely satisfied with the revision!!!!

- Inessa

5 starsHe is the best.

It is awesome!

- Jay

5 starsBest!

Got in!!!

- Steve

5 starswonderful

excellent on both time and job better than what i expected

- Mohamed

5 starsFantastic

Brian is a great editor. He made my essay much more vivid and appealing while still maintaining my original ideas. He is also very prompt and eager to help. Thank you very much.

- Danni

5 starsAwesome

I asked for Brian's help on my secondaries for med school. At first, I was concerned about sending him 2000 words to edit in one day - I was afraid that it would be a lot to read at once. In less than 24 hours, Brian had thoroughly revised all of my essays and included an additional page of comments. Brian is head and shoulders above other editors I've worked with on Gurufi. His edits were prompt, thorough, and insightful. With Brian's help, I feel confident that my medical school applications will have a strong voice and great clarity, that they will be distinctive.

- Paula

5 starshe is the best!

I am 100% satisfied with his revision. It was definitely helpful to make my essay clear and concise.

- Myeongyeon

5 starsHe is simply the best!!

I am totally satisfied!! I literally contacted him 24 hours before the deadline. He helped me out to finish off everything within 12!!!

- Steve

5 starsHe is perfect editor.

I'm really thank you for your editing.

- Joonhee

5 starsBest Editor

He is awesome editor, you will never regret. Recommend him!!!

- Jae Young

5 starsExcellent edit

Simply amazing work. Brian obviously spent a lot of time on my paper and went way beyond what I had expected. If you need your medical school personal statement edited, look no further. Brian is your man.

- Michael

5 starsAmazing work!

He is the best editor, your essay will be beyond your expectation!

- Evan

5 starsWow

I love my papers after Brian eidted that. Just excellent and on time! He is the best. I really like his advices and strongly recommend him!!!!

- Jin

5 starsExcellent and on time!

Brian. I love it! Thank you so much! -Steve

- Steve

5 starsHe verified his reputation as a great editor

He is really awesome. Like a successful plastic surgery, he changed my essay. Thanks a lot!

- Jae In

5 starsSuperior Work

Brian's work is definitely superior. Although did well in my GRE writing, I still have to say Brian is no ordinary writer. Totally worth the money. :-)

- Fan

5 starsExcellent Work

Thanks so much, Brian. You helped me a lot.

- Haomin

5 starsReally Excellent!

Thank you, Brian! Your excellent work makes really confident about my application. You are the best!!

- Fan

5 starsVery Good!

Thanks Brian, I'm really appreciate for your help. What you did on my SOP is more than I expected. Another paper is waiting for you now, See you soon!

- Jinah

5 starsgreat!!!

He is always more than expected

- Jaesang

5 starsBest

He is the best. He has never disappointed me.

- Kee

5 starsSatisfied

Better than I expected. He knew what I want to include and not include. From an unclear essay, mine became a very vivid one. He's great.

- Kevin

4 starsSatisfied

Better than I expected. He knew what I want to include and not include. From an unclear essay, mine became a very vivid one. He's great.

- Kevin

5 starsawesome!

Clear, fast and nice edit!!

- Kyeongeun

5 starsBrian

He is a great editor. His editing changed my essay into well-organized one. I am very satisfited with his work and strongly recommend him.

- Seonghwan

5 starsExtraordinary

An amazing editor. Brian met all my deadlines. He promptly responded to all my questions, and provided suggestions which will really help me to improve my writing for future essays. Couldn't be more satisfied.

- Ken

5 starsQi

Great work! Just trust him and you'll be impressed by his ability!

- Qiyi

5 starsProfessional and friendly

Brian is a very professional editor. Even though I did not finish the essay with him, I still highly recommend him to people looking for professional essay editing service, especially graduate applications. Brian, I appreciate your time, effort and sincerity throughout the process. I'll definitely hire you when I have to write graduate school admission essays. :)

- Lilian

5 starsgreat!!

Brian, he is just great!!!!

- Jaesang

5 starsTHE BEST!!

He has magic hands!!! OMG I highly recommand him!! so great x 10000

- Yosep

5 starsAwesome :)

He made my essays incredibly smooth yet still kept my voice in it! Thanks!

- Mags

5 starsI really appreciate your great work

Brian is a great person to work with and he is outstanding in his editing. I highly recommend him.

- Emily

5 starsTHE BEST

O.M.G Your ability is famazing !! I'm satisfied with your rapid and perfect editing. Thank you =) sincerely,

- Hyun jin

5 starsAwesome Brian

The best,, i cannot describe you without this word, The Best.

- Inseong

5 starsI believe Brian

I like his sincerity

- Hyungil

5 starsBest!!Best!!

Brian is the best editor. Only one word. Best!!

- Jihwan

5 starsTop Quality As Usual

Brian has helped me with several essay edits and every single one of them is of great quality and he gets the work done really fast

- Zhengyang

5 starsHe is brilliant!

I am absolutely satisfied with my revised SOP. His advise and supports were much greater than I expected.

- Jeana

5 starsAmazing!

Brain is amazing! His editing is beyond my expectation. Thanks!

- Yu Kyoung

5 starsbest!

My revised personal statement was way better than I expected. It looks professional and what I meant in essay is clearer.

- Jieun

5 starsAwesome!

He is a brilliant editor~! His advice on my admission essay was the best guidance for me~!

- Sang Pil

4 starsThanks for pointing our my flaws

Brian is truly awesome. He can immediately point out my mistakes and put me in the shoe of the admission officer. Thanks!

- Swee Joo

5 starsthanks

Thanks Brian

- Eric

5 starsThank you so much!

Brian penetrated my mind and revised my SOP as what I intended. I confidently recommend him as an qualified editor for non-English-speaking pupils as well as native English students.

- Danbi

5 starsBest!

Brian helped me a lot in developing my essay. I really appreciate all the effort.

- Ji young

5 starsNo. 1 quality

I was so surprised that he did so excellent job on polishing my essays. Also he provided the great comments/suggestions. I love him.

- Ming

5 starsGreat

What more can I say! As you guys see other reviews, he has done wonderful job for my essay and will do the same to yours :)

- Sung

5 starsthe best

the best of the best editers whom I have ever asked for my essay. Thank you

- Jong

5 starsiris

He changed my essay to exatly what I wanted- He is the best!

- Iris

5 starsAwesome!

He did a great job!

- Moon

5 starsKang

He is awesome. I am very satisfied with his work. Thank you very much

- Kee

5 starsIt's so incredible!

He is the best!!!!!!!

- Taesoo

5 starsAwesome edits!

Brian is an awesome editor who can help you make your writing much more concise and punchy, while maintaining your tone. He is also gives you advice on how to become a better writer, making points on specific parts of your writing. I highly recommend working with him!

- HY

5 starsWonderful!!

I am totally satisfied in your editing!!

- Kyounghwan

5 starsThank you again

Your nice and kind editing was very helpful.


5 starsYou're great!

You are a magician. Thank you so much. It is very helpful to me..

- Yunjeong

5 starsThank you so much

I really moved by his editing. Thank you Brian and


5 starsTotally satisfied

I am totally satisfied with his revision.

- Hayoung

5 stars:)

He knows what I want to say more than I do. Thank you for your clear and professional writing.

- K.

5 starsInvaluable

Brian is so talented editor. I just think he's just fantastic. Thanks!

- Tae-Young

5 starsSurprised again.

It was the second to have you edit my article, and it was also the second to feel so surprised when I read it! Thank you!

- Taeho

5 starsExcellent!

Very patient editor.Excellent skills. ON time. Really helps me a lot. Thank you very much!!

- Yue

5 starsThanks!

His editing has made my writing excellent. Thanks! I going to request more writings from now on.

- Soyeon

5 starsWow

Brian is a genius. He really did an amazing job editing my SOP. Thanks Brian!!

- Susan

5 starsBrian is the Best!

Brian is an expert editor who truly cares about the individual needs of the students. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs good advice on essays. Thank you!

- Jay

5 starsOh my god

It was really amazing to read the edited article. I think it hardly possible for you to imagine how Brian improved it. Thank you Brian. It can obviously be seen from the article that you tried really hard to understand the exact circumstance where I am, which I really appreciate. Yoong-jae recommended you to me, and I will definitely recommend you without hesitations to any other person who needs to have their articles edited.

- Taeho

5 starsGreat Editor

Brian is a truly great editor. My essay improved a lot. He is also a wonderful communicator. Thank you, Brian.

- Jay

5 starsFeedback

He helped me so much with my essay. Thank you Brian!!

- Ki Baek

5 starsSato

He pointed out my weakpoint crealy. It's really helpful. I haven't seen an editor like him. Thank you very much Brian!

- Sato

5 starsThis is just amazing

This is just amazing. Thank you SO MUCH Brian. I appreciate your commitment. - HM

- Park

5 starsReview

He is perfect. Thank you Brian.

- Yoong-jae

5 starsReview

Brian is really, really a great writer.

- Jerin

5 starsEssay

He is the best

- Yoochan

5 starsBrian's feedback

is excellent. Thanks a lot, Brian.

- Jung Im

5 starsEssay Review

Brian helped me a lot in improving my essays. Thank you again, really appreciate all the effort.

- Daniel

5 starsEssay Review

Bryan truly is an outstanding editor. The comments he provided me with proved to be invaluable in crafting an essay that will really blow colleges away. If you're looking for an outstanding editor, you certainly have found one!

- Robbie

5 starsBest in business

He is the best. Good editor, Good writer. Now I am 100% satisfied with my essay. So glad that I used this service.

- HS

5 starsAmazing Editor

Not only was his feedback nothing short of outstanding but he was also a good guy. If really want to improve your essay, look no farther than Brian.

- Richard

5 starsGreat editor

Brian did an amazing job editing my essay. In addition, he offered some very constructive criticisms to help improve my writing skills. Thanks Brian!

- Stephane

5 starsMy Business

Brian was a dream come true. Thank you Brian, I really appreciate everything you helped me with. Money well spent!

- Ryan

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