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4 starsIt's worth it!!

Writing a personal statement, I was not very confident because English is not my first language. So, my friend recommended Gurufi, and I found Tony here. He edited my personal statement, and I LOVE IT!!! Thank you for the help Tony!

- Sophie

5 starsExcellent job!

Excellent Job on my paper! I strongly recommend Tony to those who are looking for a responsible and capable editor.


5 starsReally great work

Every time I send Tony an essay I am blown away by how well he transforms it. He does a great job at maintaining my voice while making it more compelling. He is always on time with his responses and just makes admissions essay writing so much less stressful. I have used Tony's services before and continue to do so in the future.

- Hilary

5 starsNice job!

Very good job on the revision! I've been working with Tony a couple of times and he never disappointed me! Strongly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a responsible and excellent editor.


5 starsExcellent´╝ü

Tony helped me a lot on my paper writing. I think that he is the best one that I have ever met! I really appreciate his help and will definitely work with him in the near future!


3 starsThank you

His rivised essay is good. I am very stisfied and glad to work with Tony.

- Hyounmyung

5 starsThank you

I kept saying thank you over and over again since he has helped me a lot creating depth and diversity in my essay. He also gave me some valuable writing tips, which makes me feel so grateful. thank you.

- Thu

5 starsexcellent

I like the essays he editted, and I got a confident with my essay now. Thank you

- Chantaeg

5 starsIncredible Editor!

He got state-of-the-art writing skills. Revision was much better than I expected. Thanks Tony!

- Yoonchang

5 starsExcellent

Excellent edit. Tony gave the edit on time to complete my application. Kept the structure intact. I had major punctuation and grammatical errors. He corrected all those, deleted unwanted phrases and cut long sentences short with appropriate words to bridge it. Nice experience.

- Roy

0 starsnot good at all

his editing is not good at all, simply like text formatting. Also, he is so arrogant and doesn't reply feedback timely. It is a bad experience to work with him.

- Fairy

5 starsVery Good!!!

A++++++++ Love it

- Jin

5 starsGreat job!

Tony has upgraded the fluency of my research paper significantly.

- Seunghwan

4 starsGood!

Good revision, but it would be nice if he explains his corrections. Also, I was fine with getting my essay back late, but a notice would've been perfect. He will get you to where you need to be. I really appreciate his work.

- Kevin

5 starsGreat Essay!!!

He is so Great!!! Excellent work, and he made my essay the best. Thanks for your great Work!

- Heesang

5 starsSatisfied

He edited my research paper and I was very satisfied by his work.

- Derek

5 starsSolid edit

Tony did a great job! thanks!

- Jeff

5 starsGreat work

Excellent work. He gave me many thoughtful advise and he does care about my essay in detail. I really appreciate it Thank you

- DooYoung

5 starsAwesome!

Tony's editing was very helpful for me to complete my essay. He is good at not only correcting grammar errors but also organizing the paragraph He is very kind, and I believe that he will meet any kinds of need. I really appreciate him.

- Sang Pil

5 starsAmazing Editor!

Tony worked on my essays until they were perfect. He is willing to spend time one each and every essay and work on them until they are perfect. I recommend him to anyone who needs essays edited. Thanks!

- Ian

2 starsNot what I was looking for

I can’t say my college admissions essay benefited significantly from Tony’s editing. He did catch the occasional idiomatic error and grammatical mistake. That helped. But he also reworded and unnecessarily expanded sentences. This lost my voice in the essay and added an air of pretentiousness. I could have easily peppered my essay with words such as “tenuous” and clauses such as “initial grating of personalities”. I chose not to because this is not what adcoms are looking for. In that respect, Tony’s editing did not improve my essay, it extended it and cluttered it with overly elaborate prose. Having said that, Tony did return my essay in a timely fashion. For this I say he has professionalism. He was also very nice in his messages. As for communication, I wished that he could have explained why he made certain changes instead of just making them. Overall, I’m a little disappointed with the final result. Since I won’t be using any of the changes Tony made, I don’t feel my $40 were well spent. I’d recommend this service only if one needed his/her writing to be verbose and with an air of eruditeness.

- Laina

5 starsSincere editor!

Tony really cares about my sop and made useful comments in terms of the structure of the essay. I now can see what I need to do more to improve my sop. Thanks Tony being on time and hope you could give me another look after my first draft=)

- Huiyun

4 starsGreat!

I could feel that Tony sincerely cared about my paper. He not only corrected the grammar errors but also checked the entire flow, so I am greatly helped to complete the better final product. Thanks, Tony!

- Annie

5 starsThank you

Now I feel confident about my SOP. THANK YOU !


5 starsGreat Edits

Tony made edits in every sentences of my essay, which is very impressive because my grammar is poor. His edits changed my essay total from a pain to read to a pleasant one He also left detailed comments on my errors. Thanks Tony!

- Chaya

5 starsTony is wonderful!

Tony is a very good tutor. He gives insightful comments and detailed answers to my questions.

- Nicole

5 starsVery Good

Wonderful editor. Especially expert in the words.

- Yue

5 starsHe is perfect!

Tony is the best editor. Thanks Tony!!

- Susan

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